Why Your Business Needs Security Cameras 

Video surveillance and tends to be a fairly controversial subject. The balance between privacy concerns and safeguarding the workplace must be taken into consideration when deciding to install security cameras for your businesses. 
Statistics do show, however, that surveillance can increase the safety of not only your business possessions like your products, technology, building and servers but also your employees and customers from internal and external threats. 
Why 24/7 Surveillance Is Needed
Most small to medium-sized businesses do not have the financial resources to hire full time security personnel to safeguard the property, technology, and possessions within your company, so installing a high quality security system can help immensely. 
There are a multitude of reasons why security cameras may be needed that go well beyond the obvious reason of shoplifting. Here are a few that you will want to consider before investing. 

Reduce Theft & Vandalism 
One of the first things business owners consider when thinking about a security system is deterring criminals from entering the property and harming or stealing possessions that are critical to the organization’s successful operation. According to a recent retail study, many small businesses lose close to $50k in a year due to factors such as vandalism, break ins, and theft. 
The mere sight of video or surveillance system equipment can be enough for a criminal to move on to an easier target. Knowing that their face may be recognizable can be a great deterrent to many criminals. 
Deters Workplace Theft & Harassment 
According to Compare Camp online, “Employee theft is not a question of if but how often and how much.” More than 95% of all businesses have experienced employee theft. Whether those thefts are large or small, they can add up to more than 5% of the annual revenue expected by the organization. Do the math for your company and you realize what a large chunk of change that can be. 
Not only are employees an internal threat to your bottom line, but also toward other employees. Surveillance can be an excellent deterrent for employees who have violent or harassing tendencies. Harassment is much less likely if everyone in the corporation knows that they are being watched and recorded. 

Secure Sensitive Areas
Entry points, cash registers, and server rooms can be some of the more sensitive areas of your business. While most organizations place their security cameras to monitor access points, they should also consider placing them in areas such as above cash registers and outside server rooms where sensitive data may live for your employees and customers alike. 
With cameras trained on specific areas of your business you can also insure that mandatory compliance protocols, such as those required under HIPAA laws, are being adhered to. 
Assist in Resolving Disputes or Accidents 
If your business has ever been involved in a workplace accident claim or a slip-and-fall lawsuit, you know that video evidence can be extremely helpful in letting the legal teams know exactly what happened. Well-placed cameras can help resolve many of these disputes before they even make it to the court system. 
Reduce Insurance Costs 
Depending upon your field of business and insurance provider, you may be eligible for a discount or reduced premiums for having a high quality security system. Many insurance companies will offer reduced liability insurance rates to businesses that have security cameras installed. Contact your insurance agent to see if you would qualify.
If any of these reasons resonate with you or your business, contact Instant Alarm to get started on a free estimate to make your business more secure. 
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