Summer Home Security and Safety Checklist 

Traditionally, summer is a time to slow down, relax, and head out of town on vacation. It’s a time of year when we all seem to let down our guard and forget to follow some basic home security rules. Just because you are relaxed doesn’t mean that criminals are on vacation too!
While you are planning your road trips and vacations, burglars are also making their plans. They observe comings and goings, check to see what homes have alarm systems, and keep a watchful eye on which homes may have easier access than others. 
This summer, and for summers to come, keep this home security checklist handy to ensure that your home, property, and possessions are kept safe from those with malicious intent. 

Lock Up 
Even if you’re just headed to the beach up the road or to a picnic at the local park, be sure to lock up your home. This means windows, doors, and garages.
Too many homeowners are lulled into a false sense of security that just because it’s summer or neighbors are out and about, that the house is safe from criminals. 
No matter whether you are headed out for an hour or a week, be sure to lock your doors and windows. Closing the windows may seem counterintuitive if your home does not have AC, but the financial and emotional toll of a break-in is far worse than a stifling house upon your return. 
Be Conscious of Spare Keys 
Many homeowners like to hide a spare key in case they get locked out or lose a key. Be aware of where you are hiding that key and who knows about its location. 
Obviously the common locations like under a doormat or in a mailbox are not recommended. There are many products out there that can make your key blend into the environment inside a false rock or garden gnome. 
Better than a spare key is to install a locking system that requires a code that only members of the family know. This code can be periodically changed in case others figure it out. Add to this a security system and you are even more secure from a break-in. 

Don’t Advertise Your Location
Whether on social media or on chats with friends, don’t let everyone know your business. Try very hard not to advertise that you won’t be home at a certain time, say the baseball playoffs this weekend, or a school function during the day. 
It’s fine to post things on your social media accounts after the events have occurred, but best to avoid telling everyone prior to the event. 
Install Security Systems and Cameras 
Thankfully, we live in a state with a fairly low crime rate. According to SafeWise online, “This year, Massachusetts continued to have lower violent crime and property crime rates compared to the rest of the country.” 
Unfortunately, even with a relatively low crime rate, there is still anxiety and worry by homeowners about keeping their family and possessions safe from intruders. 
One of the best ways to achieve peace of mind is to install a security alarm system with surveillance technology. This way your home will be monitored 24/7 at a central monitoring station and will have a team ready to take action should your home be broken into. 

Make Your Home Look Lived In 
Whether you are heading to the store for a quick shopping trip or across the country on vacation, make your home look lived in. Set up automatic lights and timers to make your home appear to have people in it. 
For some people this means adding some smart technology to their home, while for others it means hiring a home sitter while you are out. 
Secure the Outside Areas of Your Home 
In order to secure the outside of your home, be sure to lock gates, add motion sensor lights to your main entry points, and keep your garage closed while you are not home. These little extra steps may be enough to deter a criminal from choosing your home. 
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