Fall Security Tips for Back-to-School & Work 

As the calendar turns to September, we get a little nostalgic thinking about our back-to-school days when we were younger. Buying school supplies and planning a first-day outfit were once the top priorities in our mind. As parents, we have a different set of priorities – keeping our children safe and happy makes the top of the list. We can do this through a few changes in our home security and safety routines that may make this fall less stressful to head back to work and school. 
Last September, due to the pandemic, many of us were coming to grips with working remotely from home or having our children learn in a hybrid setting both at school and from home. This year, many of us are headed back to the offices and school classrooms full time. 
For some of us, that means being away from our homes all day and children coming home from school before parents arrive. 
Here are a few tips to help make this transition back smooth and safe at the same time. 

Install a Home Security System 
Add a little peace of mind this fall knowing that every time you are away from your home that it is being watched by Instant Alarm home security systems. 
Our home security options can address all of your family’s security concerns from arming and disarming the system via your mobile phone to installing security cameras to monitor the comings and goings of visitors or family members. 
Add to this the fact that your security system will be monitored by our operators at our own UL listed central monitoring station and homeowners have the assurance that their home is being monitored for theft, fire, CO, water, and other hazards 24/7. 
Practice Awareness and Security Routines 
Having a security system is great, but teaching your children (and others that have access to your home) how to use it, is also important. 
Before school begins practice with your children (and as a reminder for yourself) how to turn the system on and off after entering or leaving the home. This is critical because your children will want to arm the system when they arrive home. 

Consider Keyless Entry 
Depending upon the age of your children or what other visitors may have access to your home, think house cleaners or dog walkers, you may want to install a keyless entry that only requires a code for entry into the house. (Yes the code can be changed as needs change.)
Having a code or keyless panel to access entry points means you can control who can access your home without having to keep track of extra keys. 
Use Motion Sensor Lighting 
As the fall progresses toward winter and darkness sets in by afternoon, you may want to add motion sensor lighting so that each entry point of your home has lighting that automatically goes on when something moves in front of the sensor. 
This allows for homeowners and children to easily see their way down a walkway when they are returning home as well as deterring criminals from entering an area. 
Add Security Cameras to Key Areas 
If keeping an eye on the people coming and going from your home is important, then adding security cameras as a part of your home security system may be a smart idea. Log into your mobile device and watch your children arrive home from school, see the dog walker head off with your pup, or watch as Amazon delivers yet another package. 
Looking for more back-to-school safety tips? Check out the tips and tricks from the National Safety Council. 
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