Podcast: Supply chain issues affect tech buying; Apple to launch its Self Service Repair program

The ongoing chip shortage and supply chain disruption continue to disrupt tech buyers, and the holiday season will likely further complicate the issue. Tech buyers should expect stock shortages and longer delivery timelines. While some retailers, like Apple, are beginning to catch up with hardware demand, customers are waiting longer for their devices than in previous years. Even though it might take awhile to receive your device, there’s still some good news: if it breaks, you’ll be permitted to fix it yourself. Apple will roll out its Self Service Repair program in 2022, allowing iPhone 12 and 13 users to purchase replacement parts and repair manuals and fix their devices themselves. Macworld executive editor Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis join Juliet to discuss what tech buyers need to know ahead of the holiday shopping season, including predicted deals, availability and delivery problems. They also explain what they know about Apple’s new Right to Repair program and how it could change the repair process.

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