3 Ways to Beef Up Summer Home Security

Summer often elicits feelings of being carefree. We sometimes let down our guard during these summer months and relax our routines. We plan vacations, get outdoors more, and leave our windows and doors open or unlocked during the day and night. 
All these things sound lovely, but as homeowners, it’s important to remain vigilant no matter what the weather is outside, as studies done by the ​​U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics show that summer appears to have the highest rates of household property victimization over spring, fall, and winter. 
Reasons for this vary greatly but could include household behaviors like open doors and windows, a tendency to leave alarms off during the summer months, and discussing vacations on social media before leaving. 
We know we have talked about summer security at length, but let’s review some common-sense rules that you should follow this summer to keep your home, family, and possessions safe. 

#1 – Avoid Leaving Your HomeToo Open 
We know that summer is a time when we like to leave our windows and doors open to let in the fresh air and welcome children from the neighborhood to play either inside or in the yard. 
If your home becomes a revolving door of people and children, try to encourage one gate or door to be used rather than having all doors including your garage and yard gates wide open. Or better yet lock doors each time to keep your home from being completely vulnerable. 
Even if you are just out for a quick walk around the block or visit a neighbor’s house, you should lock up your home. It only takes a few minutes for your items to be taken. 
#2 – Stop Handing Out Keys 
Who has the keys to your house? Your neighbors? Your children? The dog walker? The list could go on and on. 
We suggest switching your locks to some sort of smart lock that includes a code. Key locks are more difficult to change than coded locks which can be changed whenever the owner decides. 
A major caveat is to not hide a key outside your home. Home burglars have a way of watching homes that can tell them where keys are hidden. Don’t make it any easier than it should be to gain access to your home. 
#3 – Keep Vacations Quiet 
Summer is a time many people start heading to the beach, taking a road trip, or maybe heading somewhere tropical. Regardless of the distance or length of your trip, don’t tell too many people about it! Most certainly do not post your trip on any social media where someone could learn of your trip and realize your home is left unattended and vulnerable. 
Another way to keep your vacation quiet is to have the Post Office hold all your mail, pause newspaper deliveries, and halt all Amazon deliveries. A package left on your front steps for a few days or an overflowing mailbox can be a huge sign to someone with malicious intent. 
These three suggestions are just the start of keeping your home safe during the summer months when home invasions and robberies are more prevalent. Talk to our team today about installing a home security system, with a comprehensive lock system, surveillance cameras, and automatic lights to keep your home and family safe all year long. 
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