9 Reasons American Alarm Systems is the Best Irvine Home Security

Why should you choose American Alarm Systems for your Irvine home security needs? We’ve got nine reasons our security solutions are the ones you’ve been searching for in your Irvine home. Whether its video surveillance, environmental monitoring, or the customer service experience a local home security company can provide, American Alarm Systems has you covered.
1.    American Alarm has installed Irvine home security systems for over 50 years
Owned and operated by the Beale family since 1958, American Alarm Systems services all of southern California. We live and work here, so we understand both the crime patterns of the city and your Irvine neighborhood. From Woodbridge to University Park, we’re committed to addressing the security and safety challenges Irvine communities face.
2.    American Alarm offers a full range of security cameras for your Irvine home
Security cameras are always home, even when you’re not. American Alarm’s home security camera systems provide HD quality video with night vision for your Irvine home. We’ll help you mount and install cameras so you can view live footage of your Irvine home remotely from your smartphone. No more package theft from the front doorstep or lying awake in the middle of the night, wondering if that noise you heard in the yard is an intruder.
3.    American Alarm has affordable monitoring for Irvine home security systems
At American Alarm Systems, we understand that your Irvine alarm system is only as good as the monitoring that comes with it. That’s why we connect your home security system to our UL certified Central Station Monitoring Center to watch over your security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a recognized leader in the security industry, we’re committed to keeping our monitoring center outfitted with top-tier hardware, software, and redundant dual coast communications at a price you can afford.
4.    American Alarm provides excellent service to Irvine customers
As a locally owned family business, we strive to exceed the expectations of every client and we’ve got the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau to prove it. Our experienced and licensed security consultants will evaluate your Irvine home and property perimeters to identify risks, but we’ll also make sure your security concerns are heard. Our goal isn’t to sell you an equipment package but to become a partner in keeping your Irvine family and property safe for years to come.
5.    American Alarm Systems brings smartphone alarm systems and automation to Irvine homes
If you plan on outfitting your Irvine home with the latest technology, you’ll want a home security system that can keep up. Not only can American Alarm home security systems and security cameras be controlled from your smartphone, but we also offer compatible home automation devices from door locks to lighting control to thermostats. Our technicians can help you set up and install a home security system that plays nice with all your favorite home automation devices.
6.    American Alarm protects Irvine families with carbon monoxide monitoring
Carbon monoxide is a deadly, invisible gas nicknamed the silent killer for the way in which rising levels can affect the air quality of your home and the health of your family.  It’s a leading cause of death due to poisoning in America. That’s why American Alarm Systems offers a full range of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family and your Irvine home from danger.
7.    American Alarm Systems cares about Irvine pet safety
Here at American Alarm Systems, our pets are part of the family, and we design home security systems with them in mind. Our pet-friendly technology minimizes false alarms with pet-sensitive motion detectors and sensors.  We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your four-footed friend has full access to your Irvine home without compromising your home security.
8.   American Alarm also installs commercial security systems for Irvine businesses
Looking for more than just home security or a residential alarm system? American Alarm Systems serves both small businesses and larger enterprises with access control, sophisticated alarm systems, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, and more. We’ll consult with you about the needs of your Irvine business, including commercial safety concerns like site location, employee needs, building configuration, and more to design a commercial security system that will work for you.
9.  American Alarm customizes security solutions for Irvine homes
We’re not picking on other alarm  companies, but let’s be clear that national home security companies don’t always have the experience or the customization that Irvine home security solutions require. American Alarm Systems specializes in assessing the security risks your Irvine home and property face and then proposing a home security system to address those concerns without blowing past your budget.
Our goal is to bring you greater peace of mind through securing your home in a way that enhances rather than limits your daily life. Whether that’s a complex home security system with all the latest home automation or a basic approach that gives you options to add on when your budget allows, American Alarm Systems is here to serve Irvine homes and business.
Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote for Irvine home security. We’re available 24/7.
About American Alarm Systems
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