As Windows 11 22H2 draws near, Windows 10 hangs on

If you’re an IT professional, you are likely still focused on Windows 10. Your network is mostly running it, Windows 11 is still in testing and you aren’t really sure when you’ll deploy the year-old OS. If this sounds like you, congratulations — you sound like the majority of respondents to my unofficial and unscientific survey on what businesses are planning to do with Windows 11.

Slightly more than 89% reported that Windows 10 remains the key desktop operating system used in their network. The rest are using Windows 7 — with or without Extended security updates — (3.92%); Windows 11 (3.43%), Windows 8.1 (.49%), macOS (.49%) or Linux (.49%). The few remaining respondents use a mix of Windows 10 and 11 and macOS.

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