Verizon GizmoWatch vs. Gabb Watch

Verizon GizmoWatch vs. Gabb Watch

We compared the three GizmoWatches and the Gabb Watch across 40+ specs and like the Gizmo Watch 3 best.

Best for older kids

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3


Live GPS tracking
Basic games

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Best for younger kids

Gabb Watch 2


No camera
Live GPS tracking
Virtual pet game

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Cathy Habas

Staff Writer, Safety & Security

April 14, 2023Share Article

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The Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 beats the Gabb Watch 2 overall thanks to its camera, faster SOS button, location history, and audio drop-in feature. But the Gabb Watch is more affordable and has a super cute game that makes it fun for young kids to get moving and accomplish to-do lists.
These are both great kids smartwatches with a mile-long list of similarities. The best choice for you depends partially on your budget and parenting style, but we think the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 is better suited for older kids and the Gabb Watch 2 fits the needs of younger kids.

What about the GizmoWatch 2? Choose the Verizon GizmoWatch 2 if you like the Gabb Watch but prefer to stick with a Verizon account. We’ll clarify the differences below.
Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 vs. Gabb Watch 2

Compare top featuresSimilarities: GizmoWatch vs. Gabb WatchDifferences: GizmoWatch vs. Gabb WatchHow we decided

Compare Gizmo Watches vs. Gabb Watch 2
The Gizmo Watch 3 combines the best features of the Gizmo Watch 2 and the Disney Edition, so we’re only comparing the Gizmo Watch 3 to the Gabb Watch throughout this review. That said, here’s a quick rundown of major features in all the Gizmo Watches. Be sure to read our full Gizmo Watch review to learn more.
Product Best forPriceCamera SOS buttonAudio drop-inLocation historyLearn moreGabb Watch
Best for younger kids$149.99 + $25 activation + monthly fee
NoView on GabbGizmo Watch 3
Best for older kids$149.99 + $35 activation and monthly fee


YesView on VerizonGizmoWatch Disney Edition
Best for Disney fans$199.99 + $35 activation and monthly fee


YesView on VerizonGizmoWatch 2
Best for budgets$99.99 + $35 activation and monthly fee

YesView on VerizonInfo current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Gizmo Watch 3 vs. Gabb Watch 2 similarities
Here’s what you’ll get from both the Gizmo Watch 3 and the Gabb Watch 2:

Blocks unknown callers
Sends voice messages
Sends emojis
Uses templated text responses
Doesn’t call 911
Tracks location
Features a real-time tracking option
Offers geofencing
Only works in the US
Requires a specific cell plan (Verizon or Gabb Wireless)
Doesn’t stream music
Doesn’t monitor health other than counting steps
Includes to-do lists, an alarm, and school mode

Gizmo Watch 3 vs. Gabb Watch differences
You’ll get just two perks by choosing the Gabb Watch 2 vs. the Gizmo Watch 3:

More contacts with Gabb: The Gabb Watch offers 25 contact slots compared to 20 on the Gizmo Watch 3.
Flashlight on the Gabb Watch: The Gizmo Watch doesn’t have one.

 On the other hand, the Gizmo Watch 3 offers quite the list of features missing from the Gabb Watch 2:

Video calling with Gizmo Watch: The Gabb Watch can’t make video calls because it doesn’t have a camera.
Location history Gizmo Watch: The Gabb Watch  doesn’t let you see where your kid has been—only where they are now.
Calculator and weather app on the Gizmo Watch: Neither of these apps is available on the Gabb Watch. 
Drop-in audio on the Gizmo Watch: This popular feature isn’t available on the Gabb Watch.
Remote shut-down with the Gizmo Watch: You’ll have to get your hands on the Gabb Watch before you can shut it down—which makes it a little harder to enforce screen time rules.
Bluetooth compatibility on the Gizmo Watch: That means it pairs with Bluetooth headphones so you can get some peace. Remote volume control is your only option with the Gabb Watch.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3: Best for older kids
If video calling capabilities are high on your list of must-have features for a kids smartwatch, the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 automatically wins over the Gabb Watch 2.

Gizmo Watch 3 pros and cons



5-second SOS button

Drop-in audio

Remote shutdown



Can’t be submerged

No gamified activity

Only the Gizmo Watch 3 has a camera
Because the Gizmo Watch 3 has a camera, it also supports video calling and photo texting. The camera-free Gabb Watch doesn’t do any of that.
You and your child get the benefit of seeing each other’s faces when you’re apart, and you also have the opportunity to start coaching your kid about the do’s and don’ts of taking and sharing photos.
Video calling can be a hassle to set up since family and friends have to scan the watch’s QR code to be approved for video calling. This protects your child from strange video calls, but makes it impossible to video chat with long-distance loved ones.
View on Verizon Learn more in our full Verizon Gizmo Watch review.

Gabb Watch: Best for younger kids
If you don’t have a Verizon account and don’t want one, the Gabb Watch is a good option. Its price increased after its initial launch, but it’s still one of the most affordable kids smartwatches worth your consideration at around $150.
It’s also the best GPS- and call-enabled smartwatch for younger kids—say around age 6 and up—thanks to the fun virtual pet game.

Gabb Watch pros and cons


10-second SOS button

Gamified activity

Gamified to-do lists


No camera

Can’t be submerged

No remote shutdown

The Gabb Watch motivates kids with virtual coins and pets
The Gabb Watch features virtual pets that kids can feed, pet, and train with digital coins. They earn coins by logging steps on the watch’s pedometer and by completing tasks on their to-do lists.
Parents set up tasks on the phone app, so you can completely customize how hard your youngster has to work for those coins. It’s a nice way to incentivize them to brush their teeth, make their bed, and put their homework in their backpack.
The Verizon GizmoWatch Disney Edition doesn’t have much in the way of fun other than some cool backgrounds. The GizmoWatch 2 boasts one game, which gets kids jumping like a kangaroo. The Gabb Watch is the better option for entertaining your kid.

The Gabb Watch doesn’t allow audio drop-ins or location history
Both GizmoWatches let parents hear what’s going on around their child through a drop-in audio feature. Although we don’t consider it a critical feature for our rankings, it comes in handy if the child is unable to answer a call or if parents just want to make sure everything’s going well at a playdate.
The Gabb Watch doesn’t have this “stealthy check-in” feature, and it’s also lacking a location history option. You’ll see your child’s real-time GPS location when checking in, but you can’t see where they were in the past.
View on Gabb WirelessLearn more in our full Gabb Watch review or on our Gabb Watch FAQ page.

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Winner: Verizon GizmoWatch Disney Edition
We gotta hand it to the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 thanks to video calling, photo texting, drop-in listening, and five-second SOS calling. But the Gabb Watch is fun for younger kids and costs about the same.

How we decided: Gabb Watch vs. GizmoWatch

Image: Suzi Brzezinski, SafeWise

We based our analysis of the Gabb Watch and GizmoWatches on hands-on product testing and a comparison of over 40 features, including GPS tracking, screen time management, safety features, ease of setup, and communication options. Learn more about SafeWise’s methodology.

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