6 more out-of-sight Android features worth finding

Confession time: I write about Android for a living and obsess over my smartphone’s software more than most reasonably sane people — and yet, I still find myself stumbling onto features that once seemed incredible and then promptly got forgotten.

Android’s had so many interesting options come up over the years that lots of stuff has gotten brushed away and buried deep within the operating system’s mustiest corners. And unless you take the time to spelunk through those depths with some regularity, you’ll almost certainly have at least some standout gems you’ve forgotten over the years, too.

That’s why I occasionally like to strap on my trustiest explorer’s hat and dive deep through Android to see what Googley goodness I’ve gotten out of the habit of using over the years. And following up on the seven handy hidden Android features we unearthed earlier this week, we’ve got six more such saucy treasures to think through today.

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