Record-breaking Heat Comes as Summer Begins in U.S.

Record-breaking Heat Comes as Summer Begins in U.S.


Alex Kerai

Consumer Trends Reporter

May 19, 2023Share Article

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Need to Know from SafeWiseThe Pacific Northwest faces a heat wave with temperatures typically seen in July.Daily high-temperature records have been broken across the northwest of the U.S.The high heat prompts weather alerts, but many homeowners don’t have air conditioning to stay cool.The record heat will also increase snowmelt in the mountains, leading to potential river flooding.

Record-high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are prompting heat warnings this spring. Temperatures are reaching highs typically seen in July in the middle of the summer.
The heat and drought in the West impact residents in many ways, including unhealthy air quality and heat stroke leading to injury or death.

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The heat continues to build, and these temperatures are just the beginning. The Climate Prediction Center from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts above-average temperatures for the Pacific Northwest for the next week at least.

Protecting yourself during heat waves
Many Americans are not prepared for heat waves—record-breaking or otherwise—this early in the year. This heat wave is reaching temperatures that are typically recorded in July!
So what can you do to protect yourself during the heat? The big thing is to find cool places to stay during the day to avoid the heat’s height and stay hydrated. Many cities and towns open cooling centers during the summer to help residents stave off the heat—check your local rec center for more information.
It’s essential not to go outside for an extended time during heat waves.
During warmer months, one common ailment people experience outside is heat stroke. According to The Mayo Clinic, these are the warning signs of heat stroke:

A core body temperature of 104℉ or 40℃
Red or flushed skin
Upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting
Confusion, agitation, delirium, and other signs of an altered mental state
Increased pulse or racing heart rate
Shallow, rapid breathing

In our summer safety guide, safety expert Rebecca Edwards explains what to do if you think someone is experiencing heat stroke:

First, get help immediately. Call 911, and take measures to cool the person down.
Get the person out of the heat.
Take off any extra clothing.
Use cool water to bring down the core body temperature (place them in a tub or shower, use a hose, mist them with cool water, or use ice packs. Or apply cold towels to the back of the neck, head, armpits, and groin).

With climate change increasing our planet’s global temperature, extreme weather events and heat waves will be more common in the warmer months. It’s essential to exercise caution when outdoors and to stay safe.

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