Deter Burglars From Choosing Your Home or Property 

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, burglars target homes that are easy to break into. For instance, they look for doors or windows that are often open or unlocked, dimly lit entryways and yards, overgrown bushes for hiding, and homes that look vacant. 
One of the best techniques to protect your home from being targeted is to install a home security system that will connect your alarm to your smartphone, cameras, alert notifications, and more. 
In addition to this, many homeowners find it helpful to take some precautions on their own to deter burglars from choosing their home as their next intrusion. 
Secure All Entrances 
Instant Alarm has many options for homeowners wanting to secure their doors, windows, and garage doors. Our wireless alarms can notify homeowners of any intrusion and can use the 24/7 monitoring system to alert the proper authorities. 
If you choose not to install an alarm system, remember to lock all doors and windows when you are not at home. Many homeowners forget about one of the most vulnerable locations in their homes – the garage. Once an intruder makes it into your garage, there is often only a single door standing in their way to gaining entrance to the main areas of your home. Be sure to close and lock your garage door each and every time you head out. 
Light Up The Property 
Illumination is the fear of all burglars. Having a spotlight can deter even the most brazen criminals for fear of being spotted. 
Many homeowners choose alarm systems that are linked to outdoor spotlights, remote-activated lights, or motion-activated lights that shine a spotlight on areas of the home such as the entryways, driveway, and the basement entrance. 
Eliminate Hiding Spots
Yards that have overgrown bushes, trees, and plantings are a favorite of burglars as they give needed cover should a spotlight come on or a car drive by.
Trim those bushes and trees back so that your home has no available places to hide should someone access your property. 

Quit Hiding a Key 
Burglars are well-schooled in the best hiding places for keys. Instead, switch to a keyless entry, or keypad or forgo hiding your key altogether. If you have young children and they need to access the home with a key, consider giving one to a trusted neighbor or friend should they not be able to keep track of it in their backpack. 
Home security systems are by far the best deterrent of all to keep criminals from trying to access your home. Talk to our security experts and find out how easy it is to use and how you can access some systems right from your smartphone. Contact us to talk about what system and service might be best for your family. 
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