5 Reasons Your Business Needs Access Control

There are many essential ways to secure your business but very few ways to meticulously keep track of who comes in and out throughout the day. It’s a crucial security measure, but manually keeping track of personnel traffic is a tedious task that can be avoided. 
There are smarter, more productive ways to feel like you have full transparency about the daily functions of your business, and the best option is an access control system. So, what is it and why have one?
What is Access Control? 
An access control system utilizes keycards and scanners to grant or refuse anyone entry to any building secured with the technology. Access to your business should be a privilege, not a revolving door for anyone to waltz on in.
Enhanced Security
Keycard access provides an additional layer of security compared to traditional lock-and-key systems. Keycards can be programmed to allow access only to authorized personnel, reducing the risk of unauthorized individuals entering sensitive areas.
Additionally, keycard access systems can track and record when employees enter and exit certain areas. This creates an audit trail that can be valuable for security purposes, investigations, or monitoring employee attendance.
Flexibility and Convenience
Keycards are more convenient than traditional keys for employees as much as they are for your business itself. Employees can easily carry keycards on lanyards or ID badges, eliminating the need for multiple keys. In addition to that, lost or stolen keycards can be deactivated, preventing unauthorized access.
Having an access control system at your business is also convenient because the keycards can easily be scaled to accommodate changes in staffing or security requirements. Adding or removing access privileges for employees is simpler compared to rekeying locks or distributing new keys. 

Quick Response Time in an Emergency
In case of security breaches or emergencies, keycard access systems can be integrated with alarm systems or video surveillance, enabling quick response time and the identification of potential threats or emergencies.
Overall, keycard access systems offer improved security, convenience, control, and flexibility for companies. They are an important tool for protecting your clients, your employees, and your business.
Over time, access control systems can be more cost-effective than traditional lock-and-key systems. The cost of rekeying locks or replacing lost keys can be avoided, and administrative tasks associated with managing keys are minimized.
Ability to Integrate with Other Security Systems
Most access control systems have the ability to be integrated with other security measures. Systems such as video surveillance cameras or general alarm systems. This allows for a more generally comprehensive security system across your whole business and has the ability to enable faster response times to emergencies and better monitoring of all necessary spaces.
Limiting access to your building or to certain areas filled with confidential information is a business operations strategy that should be standard practice to ensure maximum safety. These systems are handpicked, ensuring that they fit the specific needs of your company and the areas that require limited access.
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