Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter 

New Englanders are no strangers to rapid freezes and frigidly low temperatures during the winter months. Strong nor’easters and blizzards can make for dicey travel and keep homeowners on their toes ensuring that their property remains safe and secure during what is usually the most meteorologically severe time of year in the northeast. 
One fear during the coldest days is the concern surrounding pipes that may freeze and, worse yet, burst. This scenario could cost thousands of dollars to repair water-damaged parts of a home. 
Let’s talk about prevention and how Instant Alarm water monitoring can keep homeowners aware of potential issues involving plumbing that may be frozen and about to burst. 

Instant Alarm Water Level Monitoring 
Should your pipes freeze and burst, an early warning about the situation can help homeowners who may be at work or unaware of the catastrophe unfolding in their home or basement. 
Instant Alarm home monitoring systems offer a water level monitoring component that is designed to detect high water levels in a basement, a common area for pipes, or a burst hot water heater. Water sensors installed by Instant Alarm are a part of our 24/7 monitoring station closely watched by Instant Alarm operators at our own UL-listed central monitoring station.

Preventing Frozen Pipes 
While having a water monitoring system installed in your primary or secondary residence is a smart idea, preventive measures are also recommended, especially for homeowners who are often away from their residences due to work, travel or even just a trip to the store. 
Pipes can freeze when temperatures dip below 32° Fahrenheit but are at even greater risk when the wind and precipitation bring the temperatures outside down below 20°F. Pipes that are located along exterior walls and below the foundation line are an even graver source of worry.
To minimize the risk of the residual water in any pipes freezing, expanding and bursting, it is a good idea to follow some common sense strategies to make sure your home is not inundated with water. 

Remove all outdoor hoses for watering the garden and have irrigation systems professionally blown out and closed for the winter. 
Keep a trickle of water dripping in the sinks during the coldest nights. 
Wrap your pipes in insulation. 
Seal leaks in your home with caulk that could be allowing for cold drafts and falling temps indoors. 
Check for drafts near windows and under doors. Use under-door sweeps and self-adhering insulation around windows. 
Use an automatic thermostat that can be installed as a part of your smart home security system. This will keep an eye on falling temps outside and make sure that they remain steady inside. 
Keep cabinet doors open under sinks to allow the heat of your home to warm pipes along exterior walls. 

No one wants to return home after a vacation or a long work day to rising water in their basement due to a burst pipe. Take these simple measures to be sure that the temps remain steady in your home and invest in a water monitoring system as a part of your home’s security package. Contact us today about having your security system installed this winter. 
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