Fact or Fiction About Home Security 

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s a good time to review some of the basics about home security. Often, what we think we know from years past is not always true in today’s security environment. 
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “​​Every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs in the United States. This means that approximately 4,800 burglaries happen every day.” While this statistic may be alarming, there are many common misconceptions about when burglaries occur and the role of home security systems in the prevention of such events. 

When Do Most Break-Ins Occur? 
Most Americans would probably answer this question at nighttime or during the overnight hours. Sadly, they would be wrong. 
Studies show that break-ins commonly happen during the daylight hours between 6 am and 6 pm. Home invasions also occur during a similar time frame between 10 am and 3 pm when homeowners are often at work or not at home. 
Criminals are found to prefer these time frames as homeowners are away from the house, at school and they have a slimmer chance of being discovered or apprehended. 
Do Lights On Deter Burglars? 
While it may seem like common sense that burglars do not want to enter a home that is occupied, standard methods of making a home look “lived in” don’t always work. 
If your home employs the technique of using a timer to have lights go on and off, you may not be fooling anyone, least of all criminals who have been casing your home. Rather than using a timer for individual lights, many homeowners have success with smart home systems that can be controlled using a mobile device thus making it easy to turn lights on and off in different rooms in a more authentic way. 

Will A Pet Set Off The Alarm? 
While it is a fact that having a pet can deter criminals, many people falsely believe that pets will accidentally set off alarm systems with their movement throughout the day. 
Modern home alarms are sensitive enough to differentiate the typical movement of a pet versus a human who has entered the home. Gone are the days of pets causing emergency personnel to show up at your home due to triggering the silent alarm. 
Are Rural or Urban Areas Safer? 
In terms of home break-ins and home invasions, it is a common misconception that cities are less safe than their rural and suburban counterparts. 
Studies have shown that large cities are safer than rural areas. Don’t let living in the countryside lull you into a false sense of security. Even homes that are living in the peace and solitude of less populated regions are burglarized. 
Are Most Break-In Planned In Advance? 
Movies and books would have us all believing that break-ins are mapped out and planned for weeks before the crime occurs. Statistics tell us that, for many criminals, a home that looks vacant or has no security system may be an impulse decision rather than a planned activity. 
Do you know the facts about home burglary? Let our professionals examine your home and patterns of activity to see what level of risk you may be at. We can also recommend a home security system and automation that will make your home less likely to be broken into in the future. 
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