Infosys to acquire InSemi

Infosys on Thursday announced plans to acquire InSemi, a company specializing in semiconductor design and embedded services, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition, set to be finalized in the current quarter, aims to enhance Infosys’ engineering R&D expertise. The move is noteworthy given the crucial role  semiconductors play in advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, quantum technology, IoT, and smart devices.

“Over the last five years, InSemi has built a foundation with solid growth and design capabilities across the semiconductor value chain,” the company said in a statement. “With Infosys as our catalyst, it creates a synergistic combination that allows us to scale and bring the power of AI & Engineering R&D and next-generation technology to global clients, expanding across industry sectors. We aim to further accelerate our progress, and together with Infosys, it paves a path of innovation opening new opportunities for our teams.”

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