Anthropic gives its flagship generative AI models a facelift

One of the hottest startups in the generative AI (genAI) market, Anthropic, has updated its flagship models to a new 3.0 standard, bringing improvements across a range of common tasks and faster processing speeds.

The improvements in Claude 3 are broad-based, according to Anthropic. The model now offers fewer “incorrect” refusals to process harmless requests, better accuracy in its answers, fewer  hallucinations, and better accuracy in processing visual information such as pictures and diagrams.

Anthropic now offers three versions of the Claude AI: the fully-featured Opus, middle-ground Sonnet, and lightweight Haiku. Each version offers different average benchmark scores across various tasks, with the lower-scoring Sonnet and Haiku trading off accuracy for lower costs, in the formeof cheaper tokens for AI calls, and faster response time.

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