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Katie McEntire

Mar 05, 2024

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These days, setting up a comprehensive home surveillance system is easier than ever, often requiring just a few minutes and basic tools. Brands like Arlo, Eufy, and Blink have capitalized on this trend, offering Wi-Fi-based security cameras that promise peace of mind. But Deep Sentinel takes a unique approach to home security—going beyond mere AI and Wi-Fi connectivity to provide an active surveillance solution designed to stop crime before it occurs.

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Introduction to Deep Sentinel
Founded by David Selinger in response to a home invasion in his quiet suburb, Deep Sentinel introduces a paradigm shift in home security. Unlike typical DIY systems, Deep Sentinel’s approach combines verified alarm cameras with a team of highly trained human experts, dubbed Live Guard, who respond to potential threats within seconds. The system aims to provide real-time monitoring and intervention, ensuring a proactive defense against intruders.

Key features and pricing
Deep Sentinel offers a range of packages, with equipment prices ranging from $500 to $1500 and monitoring fees starting around $100 per month. For our review, we opted for the three-camera system, which provided comprehensive coverage for our property.
The Live Guard feature is the cornerstone of Deep Sentinel’s effectiveness. It distinguishes between harmless events like package deliveries and potential threats. When triggered, the Live Guard can sound a 104dB siren or speak directly through the camera, providing immediate deterrence.

How to install Deep Sentinel: A step-by-step guide

Pre-installation preparation: Download the Deep Sentinel app on your iOS or Android device. Create an account, set a safeword to prevent false alarms, and input your payment details to activate the monitoring service.
Placement planning: Scout suitable locations for your Deep Sentinel cameras, considering factors such as coverage area, Wi-Fi signal strength, and power outlet accessibility. Identify a central spot for the system’s hub, ideally near the router and within reach of an electrical outlet.
Hub installation: Connect the Deep Sentinel hub to your home router using the Ethernet cable provided. Within the app, select the appropriate hub type (DS2 Wireless, PoE, or DS1 Legacy) and follow the on-screen prompts to ensure seamless integration with your network.
Camera battery charging: Open the hub to reveal the concealed battery charger and insert a battery into the designated slot. Allow the battery to charge fully before proceeding, ensuring optimal performance during installation and operation.
Camera pairing: Add a new device within the Deep Sentinel app and follow the prompts to pair your cameras with the hub. Remove the battery cover, insert the battery, and press the pairing button on the camera to initiate the process. Once paired, verify connectivity and signal strength using the app’s built-in testing feature.
Mounting the cameras: Use the included mounting hardware to affix the cameras securely in your chosen locations. Drill pilot holes if necessary to ensure proper alignment and stability. Adjust the camera angle and monitoring zones within the app to optimize coverage and minimize false alarms.
Testing and calibration: Activate the Live Guard feature to simulate a potential security breach and evaluate the system’s responsiveness. Verify audio clarity and camera feed quality, making adjustments as needed to achieve optimal performance.


First impressions of Deep Sentinel
After a week of using Deep Sentinel, our initial impressions are mixed. While the system offers unparalleled security with its active surveillance capabilities, the constant awareness of being monitored can feel intrusive.
The Live Guard feature has been effective in deterring potential threats, but it has also resulted in false alarms, disrupting our enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Additionally, the wireless signal quality significantly impacts the video feed, with some areas experiencing better coverage than others.

Final thoughts about Deep Sentinel
Deep Sentinel represents a significant advancement in home security technology, offering a proactive defense against intruders. While the system may not be ideal for every homeowner—particularly those with smaller properties—it provides invaluable reassurance for those seeking robust protection. As we continue to test the system and explore its capabilities, we look forward to providing a comprehensive review with insights into its performance and effectiveness.

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