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Rebecca Edwards

Mar 08, 2024

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Image: Stunner Safety

Sydney Marvin, Founder of Stunner Safety

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the ingenuity and determination of women making a difference in the world. One such remarkable woman is Sydney Marvin, the founder of Stunner Safety and The Stunner, an innovative three-in-one self-defense tool that combines pepper spray, a stun gun, and a flashlight.
Marvin’s journey to create Stunner Safety began with a personal experience in college that inspired her mission to empower women to defend themselves effectively in unsafe situations.

“Women get things taken from them when they’re trying to defend themselves,” says Marvin. “The whole point of this design was to prevent that.”
Aiming to avoid the fumbles from keychain and other smaller self-defense devices, Stunner Safety is crafting lightweight, high-quality self-defense products that prioritize effectiveness and ease of use. The Stunner fits easily in your hand, faces forward toward an attacker, and has simple, one-button triggers.
During her time in college, Sydney encountered violent crimes and found herself in some frightening situations. “After experiencing those things, I wanted to find something that made me feel more confident in my safety,” she shares.

Watch Sydney Marvin explain The StunnerWe interviewed Sydney Marvin, founder of Stunner Safety. See her explain her three-in-one self-defense device. 

Developing The Stunner
Sydney’s vision was to develop a dual-use product that combined a stun gun’s functionality with pepper spray’s convenience. “What I wanted was kind of a dual-use product,” she explains. “There wasn’t really something that functioned the way I wanted it to.”
However, she soon discovered that creating such a product required careful consideration of safety and effectiveness. With unwavering determination, Sydney embarked on a research, design, and development journey.
Image: Stunner SafetyShe began by meticulously designing the product, ensuring that it was intuitive and easy to carry. Drawing from her experiences and insights, Sydney crafted a design prioritizing accessibility and practicality.
“I wanted your hand to be able to go through it,” she emphasizes.
Sydney faced numerous challenges along the way, from sourcing the right components to perfecting the design for manufacturing.
“It was complicated figuring out where all those components go inside this shape here that we created,” she admits.
Through trial and error, Sydney honed her design, leveraging 3D modeling and working closely with professional engineers to bring The Stunner to life. “Eventually, after I knew what components I needed and kind of the size and shape of everything, I hired some professional engineers to help me finish it for manufacturing,” she shares.
Today, Stunner Safety is a testament to Sydney’s resilience and passion for empowering women. Her innovative self-defense products not only provide a practical solution for personal safety but also serve as a symbol of independence for women everywhere.

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