Top 5 Items Stolen By Burglars

While the overall trend in burglaries has decreased, there were more than 580,000 break-ins in the United States in 2023. This can take an emotional and financial toll on homeowners. To fight back against home burglaries, it’s important to know what kinds of household items that burglars are looking for. Here are the top 5 things stolen by burglars. 
Between TVs, video game systems, stereos, laptops, or other kinds of electronic devices, burglars do not discriminate against which ones to steal. A lot of these different electronics hold a lot of value and can be resold for a sizable amount of money. 
To make sure your electronics are safe when you’re not home or using them, it’s important to set up a security system and alarm that will alert you when someone is trying to break in. You can also put your electronics in a safe where only you know the code.
You might always be carrying your phone around you, but if you happen to leave your phone at home for some reason, this could be cause for concern. If you don’t properly hide your phone away or store it in a safe place, it could be stolen. And it’s not just your actual phone getting stolen but also your data, access to passwords, and even banking information.  
Jewelry and watches are the two most commonly stolen items when talking about a home invasion. Burglars want to find expensive fine jewelry that they can steal and sell for a large profit. Try to invest in a lock box to ensure that no burglar can gain access to these valuable items. Not only is it dangerous money-wise, but you can have family heirlooms passed down through generations taken from you. 
Wallets & Cash
This one is probably a given, but if you have wallets and cash lying around that is clear bait for burglars to steal for their own. It’s important to always keep cash on you in these instances, in case there is someone who does break into your house. We recommend putting these into a locked safe where it’s tricker to access.
Prescription drugs can be profitable for home burglaries. These can be easily sold on the streets. This can be extremely harmful if you take life-saving medications. Even if they’re not life-saving, they could be expensive and difficult to replace. Any kind of strong medication should be put in a safe or lockbox where you can only open it with a certain combination or a key. Over-the-counter medications (while costly sometimes) do not need to be put inside a lockbox. 
It’s important to always be prepared in case of possible home burglaries. To be ready for any case or scenario, you must think like a thief, and discover what kinds of items are more likely to be stolen. This will only help prevent burglaries in the future and beyond. Start thinking about protecting your home today, and call Instant Alarm for any questions about your home security system.  
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