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We researched the best stun guns and TASERs to help you find the right one. We also share state laws for these self-defense weapons.

Best overall

Vipertek VTS-989
Easy hand grip
Difficult for attackers to grab
Larger sizeView on AmazonRead review

Best combo device

Stunner Safety
Stun gun, pepper spray and flashlight
Lightweight design
Expensive overall priceVisit Stunner SafetyRead review

Budget pick

Vipertek VTS-880
Low price
Compact size
No wrist strapView on AmazonRead review

Most discreet

Streetwise Pain Pen
Disguised as a ballpoint pen
Charge indicator light
Easy to lose or disarmView on AmazonRead review

Best tactical flashlight

Vipertek VTS-195
Excellent flashlight
Disguise hides true function
Dedicated flashlights are more durableView on AmazonRead review


Katie McEntire

May 31, 2024

9 min read

SafeWise experts have years of firsthand experience testing the products we recommend. Learn how we test and review. 

Alongside pepper spray, stun guns are among the most popular self-defense products around. Whether you feel uncomfortable walking alone or want a little extra confidence while traveling, you won’t want to be on the wrong end of these stun guns. Our favorites include the Vipertek VTS-989, Stunner Safety, and Vipertek VTS-195. 
We also talked to an expert about stun gun tips and looked into state laws to teach you the basics of stun gun legality (especially since they’re illegal in two states). Read on to learn how stun guns and TASERs are more affordable and come with lower stakes than purchasing a gun.

Best stun gunsVipertek VTS-989: Best overallStunner Safety: Best combo deviceVipertek VTS-880: Budget pickStreetwise Pain Pen: Most discreetVipertek VTS-195: Best tactical flashlight

Compare the best stun guns
ProductBest forPriceCarry methodRangePower sourceLearn more
Vipertek VTS-989Best overall
$25.99Wrist strap, holster
Close contact
Rechargeable battery
View on AmazonStunner SafetyBest combo device
$89.99Hand gripLong and short-range
Rechargeable battery
Visit Stunner SafetyVipertek VTS-880Budget pick
$9.99Pocket or purse
Close contact
Rechargeable batteryView on AmazonStreetwise Pain PenMost discreet
$23.95Metal clip
Short range
Rechargeable batteriesView on AmazonVipertek VTS-195Best tactical flashlight
$23.99Wrist strap, holster
Close contact
Rechargeable battery
View on Amazon* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

1. Vipertek VTS-989: Best overall

Best overall

Vipertek VTS-989

View on Amazon

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

From its handgrip and size to its power, the Vipertek VTS-989 is a classic stun gun. Its secure wrist strap positions your hand right at the easy-to-reach power button, keeping your grip steady and preventing attackers from using the device against you.  

Safety switch
The Vipertek VTS-989 won’t turn on accidentally since there’s a safety switch on the other side of the unit that you can also use to turn on the LED flashlight. The rechargeable battery is great for keeping it ready for anything.


Easy hand grip

Safety switch

Difficult for attackers to grab


Larger size

Anti-grab strips
There are two electrodes on the business end of the stun gun to help you make skin contact through clothing for a more effective defense. Alongside the electrodes are two metal strips that shock attackers who are trying to grab it. Even without shocking someone, this thing’s loud sound is an extra layer of intimidation.

While it’s not the smallest stun gun we’ve seen, it’s about the size of a typical smartphone, so you can store it in a bag or pocket. No matter where you store it, we recommend keeping the stun gun in its included holster to prevent the safety switch from moving.

2. Stunner Safety: Best combo device

Best combo pack

Stunner Safety

Visit Stunner Safety

Stunner Safety is a newcomer to the world of self-defense devices, but it’s nothing to underestimate. This device is an all-in-one stun gun, pepper spray, and flashlight in a light 1lb package. It’s small enough to fit in a car glove compartment, bag, or backpack.
Its stun gun delivers a powerful shock of up to 20,000 volts. We tested this feature and were surprised at how loud the stun gun is (think fireworks). Thankfully, it’s equipped with a conveniently located safety switch on the grip. 
Stunner Safety also holds 0.5 oz of police-grade refillable pepper spray. The canister faces away from the user and has an easy flip switch to disable the safety. 


Three devices in one

Easy grip handle

Quick access safety locks


Not pocket-sized


Because Stunner Safety is a new small business, this product does cost significantly more than other products on this list. But with all these features on board, it makes for an excellent one-hit punch to any attacker. We especially recommend Stunner Safety for college students and young women. 
Check out our YouTube channel to see our demo video and interview with inventor and owner of Stunner Safety, Sydney Marvin. 

Deal Alert: 15% off! We have an exclusive deal from Stunner Safety! Get 15% off when you enter the code safewise24 at checkout.

3. Vipertek VTS-880: Budget pick

Budget pick

Vipertek VTS-880

View on Amazon

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a ton of money on a stun gun, check out the Vipertek VTS-880. This cheap stun gun costs around $10 (much less than a self-defense class). 
This mini stun gun is smaller than a cell phone and can slide easily into pockets and bags. But don’t underestimate it—even with its small size and low cost, this stun gun is strong enough to disarm an attacker.
Built-in charger
We like that you don’t need an extra charging cable for this unit since it has a small plug built into the base. As with any stun gun, you’ll get loud sounds to help deter attackers from getting closer.


Compact size

Integrated charging plug

Low price


No wrist strap

No anti-grab strips

No anti-grab strips
Unlike our top pick, this stun gun is too small for metal strips along the sides to prevent attackers from grabbing the device. Still, the small size won’t stick out of your hand as far, so it’s harder to grab anyway.

No wrist strap
It doesn’t have a wrist strap, so you need to keep the included holster on a belt if you don’t want to carry a bag while running. None of these drawbacks are deal-breakers, especially if you want a reliable, cheap stun gun.

Go even smallerIf a compact size is more important than a lower price, consider spending an extra dollar to buy the Vipertek VTS-881, which has a slightly smaller design.

4. Streetwise Pain Pen

Best range

Streetwise Pain Pen

View on Amazon

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Street Wise Pain Pen is a stun gun disguised as a standard ballpoint pen. It’s the same size and even has a strong metal clip for pockets and bags. But take a closer look and you may notice that it has two metal prongs designed to create a powerful charge instead of a writing nib. 


Discreet design

LED charge indicator

Safety switch


Could be easy to lose or disarm

While it doesn’t function as a standard pen, it has a strong metal clip to keep it secured to your pocket or bag. Its safety switch is easy to access, and it comes in multiple colors, like bright pink and purple, to make it easy to differentiate from a real pen.  

5. Vipertek VTS-195: Best tactical flashlight

Best tactical flashlight

Vipertek VTS-195

View on Amazon

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

While flashlights are usually a secondary feature on stun guns, the Vipertek VTS-195 does the opposite by taking on the looks and functionality of a tactical flashlight. Because it looks like a flashlight, it’s less likely that an attacker would swipe it right away, giving you more time to defend yourself.

Rechargeable battery
Much like the other Vipertek stun guns we looked at, the VTS-195 comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy replacement batteries.


Better flashlight than other stun guns

Disguise hides true function

Rechargeable battery


Dedicated flashlights are more durable

Bright flashlight
This stun gun flashlight is brighter and more useful than others on our list, making it a great pick to accompany you on an evening walk. User reviews seem to agree that it’s not going to last as well as a dedicated flashlight, but it can free you from carrying extra items.
In any case, we think the Vipertek VTS-195 is a practical alternative to more purpose-built stun guns, especially for vehicle glove compartments.

More products we considered

Guard Dog Security Hornet
The Guard Dog Security Hornet is small enough to fit on a keychain but powerful enough to contain a flashlight and an “incapacitating” shock. It has a built-in wall charger that allows you to plug it directly into the wall after use too.

Foxfend Spark
The Foxfend Spark looks like a lipstick tube from the outside but sports a hidden stun gun. While we like the lid that protects the stun gun from accidental discharge, it might be slower to access during an emergency. While we like the idea behind this product, the number of poor reviews makes us hesitant to fully recommend the Foxfend Spark. 

Stun gun safety tips
We asked safety expert Pete Canavan for some stun gun safety tips:

1. Understand the risk
First, and most critical, is understanding the risk. Stun guns deliver debilitating shocks and cause pain. If you cannot see yourself doing this even in self-defense, consider alternatives like a personal safety app or self-defense weapons or courses.
Any weapon can also be used against you if you’re not prepared to use it. Regularly practice deploying your stun gun so that you’re ready when you need to.

2. Understand how your stun gun works
Some have switches, others have buttons, and some have both. There are dozens of designs available. Some look like brass knuckles, others are also flashlights, and some are traditional hand-held designs.
The end of the many stun guns delivers a charge when pressed against someone, completing the circuit between the short electrodes. Before contact, many of these stun guns also create a bright electrical charge and crackling sound that can serve as a deterrent to would-be attackers.
Some stun guns, like many made by TASER, fire barbed electrodes connected to the gun by wires. The barbs stick to clothing or skin so the charge can be delivered from a distance of 15–20 feet.
Most stun guns will work through light clothing, but keep in mind that heavy or bulky clothing or jackets will reduce their effectiveness.

3. Consider your habits
In your research, take into account your individual habits and situation. If you frequently travel by air, you won’t be able to take a stun gun with you on the plane. Do you rarely carry a bag? A smaller design that fits in a pocket may better serve you than a bulky one.

Final word
Stun guns and TASERs use a sharp electric shock to deter and subdue attackers, making them an effective alternative to traditional firearms. In particular, stun guns are reusable, affordable, and compact.
Vipertek consistently sells the best stun guns on the market, culminating in the Vipertek VTS-989. Its sturdy hand grip, rechargeable battery, and anti-grab electrodes make for an effective tool to protect yourself wherever you are. It’s one of the more expensive stun guns but still quite affordable compared to pricey TASER guns.
While stun guns provide convenient, chemical-free self-defense, they’re not an excuse to slack off on smart security habits. You still need to pay attention to your surroundings and be ready to react in an emergency.
If you’re looking for a place to start improving your safety, most communities offer self-defense courses. For a stun gun alternative, check out our pepper spray review.

Call 911Always call 911 whenever you use an electroshock weapon for self defense. This allows law enforcement to apprehend dangerous people and facilitate medical assistance if necessary.

Stun gun FAQ

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What’s the difference between TASERs and stun guns?

At the most basic level, stun guns are usually for close quarters, while TASERs use projectiles at a distance. Check out our guide to stun guns vs. TASERs to learn more.

Can a stun gun kill you?

Yes. An Associated Press investigation revealed over 1,000 police-related deaths involving non-lethal methods, including stun guns. In many of these cases, those on the receiving end of shocks were more vulnerable, thanks to medical conditions or drug use. Repeated use of a TASER or stun gun can seriously disable or injure people, especially those with heart conditions. 

Can anyone buy a stun gun?

You can buy a stun gun if you are at least 18 years old in most states. Some states have higher age limits and may restrict possession to non-felons. Most stun gun distributors cannot ship to the following states: Hawaii Illinois Rhode Island WisconsinMichigan Massachusetts 

Can I travel with a stun gun or TASER?

It depends on where and how you’re traveling. Electroshock weapons like stun guns are illegal in Rhode Island and Hawaii but legal in 48 other states with some exceptions in cities and counties. But if you plan on flying with your stun gun, be sure to leave it in your checked baggage and completely discharged.

State-by-state stun gun and TASER laws

Are stun guns and TASERs legal?
States with stun gun restrictions are few. There are many states with no stun gun restrictions.
In some states, you can expect additional ownership restrictions generally based on age, criminal history, and whether you need a permit. As you research your state laws, you’ll find that stun gun restrictions are usually a few common rules:

Concealed carry requires a permit
Purchase requires valid government-issued ID
Must be 18 or older to purchase
Must be a non-felon
In-home defense only
Background check and a 24-hour waiting period

City and county lawsAlthough stun guns are legal in most states, it’s usually good to check if your city and county have any restrictions in place.
While there are no specific federal regulations on stun guns, you can’t put them in carry-on luggage when flying. Even though they’re allowed in checked bags, they need to be inoperable to prevent accidental discharge.
Contributing writer: Pete Canavan

How we reviewed TASERs and stun guns
We researched top stun gun brands using online specifications, product listings, and customer reviews to find our top picks. While we include multiple picks from Vipertek, its pricing and customer satisfaction stood out better than the competition.
You can learn more about how we review products in our ranking methodology.

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