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We tested a literal handful of Bluetooth trackers, and the Tile Pro is our top pick for most folks.

Best overall

Tile Pro (2022)
Large device network
Battery lasts 1 year
Loud speakerView on AmazonRead review

Best for iPhone

Apple AirTag
Largest device network
Battery lasts 1 year
Precision FindingView on AmazonRead review

Best for budgets

Nutale Key Finder
Unknown device network size
Battery lasts 10 months
Affordable 4-packView on AmazonRead review

Best features

Chipolo One (2020)
Small device network
Battery lasts 2 years
Excellent mobile appView on AmazonRead review

Best rechargeable tracker

Pebblebee Clip
Small device network
Rechargeable battery
Works with Apple Find My appView on AmazonRead review


John Carlsen

Jun 07, 2024

11 min read

SafeWise experts have years of firsthand experience testing the products we recommend. Learn how we test and review. 

You don’t need to drop big bucks on a GPS tracker to keep tabs on your gear when an affordable Bluetooth tracker can do the job for $35 or less. Our top pick, the Tile Pro (2022), is the best key finder and can even track your keys for a year before you need to swap out the battery. It aced our hands-on tests with flying colors—claiming top marks for loudest speaker and best wireless range.
Read our in-depth comparison to see how Tile Pro holds up to other top Bluetooth trackers.

Best Bluetooth trackersTile Pro (2022): Best overall Bluetooth tracker and key finderApple AirTag: Best Bluetooth tracker for iPhoneNutale Key Finder: Best Bluetooth tracking device for budgetsChipolo One (2020): Best features for a Bluetooth tracking devicePebblebee Clip: Best rechargeable Bluetooth trackerNVQ Key Finder: Best ultra-budget Bluetooth tracker

How we reviewed

Compare the best Bluetooth item trackers
ProductBest forPriceBattery lifeReplaceable batteryPhone finderLearn moreTile Pro (2022)Best overall$34.991 year
YesView on AmazonApple AirTagBest for iPhone$29.991 year
NoView on AmazonNutale Key FinderBest for budgets$39.99 (4-pack)10 months
YesView on AmazonChipolo One (2020)Best features$25.002 years
YesView on AmazonPebblebee ClipBest rechargeable tracker$24.956 months
YesView on AmazonNVQ Key Finder Best ultra-budget tracker$9.9912 months
NoView on price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

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Best Bluetooth tracker reviews

1. Tile Pro (2022): Best overall

Best overall

Tile Pro (2022)

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer

The Tile Pro (2022) delivered the best performance during our tests—it was the loudest tag and achieved the longest wireless range. Everything from the build quality to the app feels slick and intuitive. Tile also offers the best selection of Bluetooth trackers on the market with wallet, sticker, and keychain options. It’s about $5 more than the competition, so buying multiple trackers adds up.


Large network for finding lost devices

Loudest Bluetooth tracker we tested

Excellent wireless range

Waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes


Largest Bluetooth tracker on our list


Smart Alerts cost extra

The Tile Pro claims a max wireless range of 400 feet, but the signal dropped at just 290 feet in our tests. While it’s disappointing that we couldn’t get more range, this is still the strongest result in our tests, with Pebblebee and Chipolo coming in around 220 feet.
Tile extends its lead by having the loudest speaker as well. With multiple trackers blaring, Tile created the clearest sound and easily beat the competition.
Tile’s durable construction is a nice contrast to the cheap plastic trackers we tested from Nutale and Beauty HAO. We love that Tile Pro’s design incorporates a metal plate, which makes it feel sturdy without adding too much weight.
Still, the Tile Pro is the largest Bluetooth tracker we tested at over 2 inches long (partially because it includes a replaceable battery). Fortunately, it’s not bigger than the wireless key fobs on most cars and doesn’t feel out of place in pockets.
The Tile app offers a great experience on Android with options to share trackers for friends, show a map of recent locations, and assign ringtones to your device. We like that the app says how many Tile users are nearby though it still doesn’t compare with Apple AirTag’s massive Find My network.
You can use the Tile Network to mark your device lost and report when you find someone else’s Tile. We love that Tile includes a QR code on the back of its trackers so non-Tile users can help too. Still, the app often feels like the company is pushing its Tile Premium subscription a bit too much.

Using Tile in a smart homeTile works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant† so you can find your device with a voice command. We had no trouble linking to Google during testing but needed to create a password before Tile worked with Alexa. (We logged into Tile with a Facebook account—there was no password at first.)Tile offers an optional subscription service called Tile Premium for around $3 a month. Its biggest perk is item reimbursement to help replace lost items attached to your Tile. Depending on your plan, it covers up to $100 or $1,000. Adding a Tile Premium plan makes this the priciest tracker on our list.
As much as we love the item reimbursement in the Tile Premium subscription plan, it’s disappointing that Tile locks its Smart Alerts feature behind a subscription. This handy feature triggers an alert when you leave an item behind, so you never leave home without your wallet or bag. The trouble is that other Bluetooth trackers offer the same feature for free.
We think the Tile Pro (2022) is the best Bluetooth tracker for most folks. Its compatibility with Android, iOS, and smart home platforms helps it compete with the elephant in the room: Apple AirTag. We have mixed feelings about Tile Premium, but the item reimbursement is a big plus.

Tile Mate (2022)The Tile Mate (about $25) costs about $10 less than the Tile Pro but isn’t as powerful. It has a shorter wireless range, a quieter speaker, and a non-replaceable battery. At least the battery lasts three years, though we like that the Tile app can show nearby e-recycling centers when the battery dies.

2. Apple AirTag: Best for iPhone

Best for iPhone

Apple AirTag

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Apple AirTag is the gold standard for a Bluetooth tracker. It boasts the largest device network, best user experience, and offers Apple’s unique brand of attractive product design. The only thing keeping AirTag from our top spot is that you can’t use it with Android or smart home platforms.


Massive device network

Precision finding

Tons of accessories

Waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes


Requires Apple device

No phone finder

No included keychain

The massive Find My device network includes every Bluetooth-enabled Apple device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Mac computers, and AirPods. All these devices share location data with you and your family. Plus, you can see all your devices on the map, not just the tracker and your phone.
Precision Finding is AirTag’s most compelling feature because it uses an ultra-wideband (UWB) signal to show the direction and distance of your tracker—like a compass. UWB (on iPhone 11 and later models) is a game changer and one reason the Apple AirTag outperforms the competition.
Adding an AirTag to the Find My app takes a few seconds—you tap it with your iPhone and hit the connect button. Once connected, you can name the tag and throw it in your bag. In true Apple fashion, the AirTag doesn’t come with a key ring because it would spoil the sleek design.
Instead, the company happily sells a branded AirTag Leather Key Ring or AirTag Loop for as much, or more, than the device costs—at least on Apple’s website. Fortunately, AirTag’s staggering popularity means hundreds of accessories like dog collars, wallets, bracelets, and cute keychains.
The AirTag isn’t without drawbacks. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, the Apple AirTag can’t find your phone between the couch cushions at the push of a button.
Likewise, we can’t deny that Apple’s walled garden approach works for maintaining a high standard of excellence and security on Apple products. But it makes AirTag feel like just another iPhone accessory rather than a bold new direction for Bluetooth trackers in general.
We’re confident that the Apple AirTag will indirectly influence Bluetooth tags on Android for the better, but it would be nice to have more functionality on Android than an app that checks for AirTag stalkers. But for iPhone users, there’s no better alternative.
Learn more in our full Apple AirTag Review.

Class action lawsuit against AppleTwo women have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple with the claim that AirTags made it easier for them to be stalked and harassed. There have been a slew of headlines since AirTags launched about bad actors using the devices for nefarious purposes. Earlier this year, Apple instituted new safeguards to alert people when AirTags are near them, and the company is also working with law enforcement on crime issues related to the devices.Learn more about the risks of AirTags and how to keep them safe on our YouTube channel.

3. Nutale Key Finder: Best for budgets

Best for budgets

Nutale Key Finder
$39.99 (4-pack)

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Nutale Key Finder is one of the most affordable Bluetooth trackers on the market—buying a $40 four-pack brings the cost down to $10 a device. This is one-third the cost of Apple AirTag and less than half that of Chipolo. It’s a great deal, but there’s no waterproofing, and it feels cheaper overall.


Excellent price for 4-pack

Multiple mounting options included

Comes with 2 spare batteries


Confusing product, app, and company names

Less durable than most trackers

Nutale’s most distinctive feature is a built-in keychain, which instantly makes it easier to keep with your house keys than other Bluetooth trackers we tested. Sadly, you can’t remove it without damaging the device or the chain. (A pair of wire cutters can help you ditch the chain.)
The keychain feels pretty nice, but we found a few online reviews noting that it breaks easily.
This is the only Bluetooth tracking device we tested that comes with double-sided tape in the box for mounting on a TV remote. It’s not a big deal since double-sided tape isn’t expensive, but still a thoughtful extra.
While the listed wireless range maxes out at 164 feet—we managed to connect with the device at 280 feet during testing, the second-farthest in our review. It was a genuine surprise.

Device limitYou can pair up to seven Nutale or Nut trackers with a single phone.Names for this device are confusing and inconsistent. For example, you’ll find this device under Nutale Key Finder on Amazon. But it’s the Nut Find3 Smart Tracker on the official website and the Nut Findthing on a different official website—the latter doesn’t use HTTPS encryption, so that’s fun.
You’d think that’s enough confusion, but there are also three apps: Nut, Nutale, and Findthing. (We used the Findthing app during testing because it’s what was in the manual.) It’s a mess.
There’s a decent selection of support articles in the mobile app, but don’t expect robust customer support if it breaks. Depending on the website, there’s an email form or a help center.
Despite the confusing naming conventions, the Nutale Key Finder works well and even has a device network for tracking down a lost item. It’s not a substitute for Apple, Tile, Chipolo, or Pebblebee, but it’s good enough for folks that want many devices on the cheap.

4. Chipolo One (2020): Best features

Best features

Chipolo One (2020)

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Chipolo One (2020) is among the oldest on our list but offers some of the best features in a Bluetooth tracker. Its app also packs in a lot of features without feeling cluttered and effortlessly connects to Alexa and Google smart home platforms—something Tile and Pebblebee struggle with.


Excellent app and smart home integrations

Multiple color options

Works as a camera remote


Relatively small network

Older model

Less water resistance

We love how the Chipolo app feels. It’s intuitive and easier to navigate than the other Android apps. Aside from the smart home integrations above, we’re big fans of the straightforward privacy settings so you can keep Chipolo from collecting data and sending sales promotions.
You can even set up Out of Range Alerts—Chipolo’s name for separation alerts—to receive a notification if you leave a luggage tracker behind. Unlike Tile, Chipolo doesn’t charge for this feature.
The app also has a nifty option for controlling your phone’s camera, which is great for shooting group photos on a tripod. It works only in the Chipolo app but it’s passable for one-off photo ops.
Another thing we love about the Chipolo One is how many colors there are. You don’t have to settle for dull black or white tags when Chipolo offers additional colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.
Chipolo’s biggest drawback is its network size. While it’s practically impossible to match Apple’s Find My device network, we can imagine that Chipolo’s user base is much smaller than even Tile’s. (There are surprisingly few user reviews on Amazon, despite its veteran status.) You can still mark your device lost for other Chipolo users, but it may take longer to find than with Apple and Tile.
To round out the hardware, the Chipolo One offers a replaceable battery and some water resistance, like most of our top picks. The rated battery life is an impressive two years, the longest in our review—you won’t use batteries as quickly as with other trackers. While it’s splashproof, it can’t handle momentary dips like Tile and Apple.
Gram for gram, the Chipolo One (2020) is the best Tile alternative on this list. It’s cheaper and easier to use in a smart home system. While the network size is smaller than Tile’s, we hope it grows as more folks discover this hidden gem.

Chipolo One SpotThe Chipolo One Spot (about $28) is a little newer and works with Apple’s Find My network. Unfortunately, there’s no smart home integration and fewer customization options than the original Chipolo One. So, you might as well spend an extra buck and get the Apple AirTag’s precision finding. Still, it’s cheaper than buying an AirTag and a key ring holder.

5. Pebblebee Clip: Best rechargeable tracker

Best rechargeable tracker

Pebblebee Clip

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Pebblebee Clip caught our attention by offering a rechargeable battery, a rare feature on Bluetooth trackers. It’s great because you don’t need coin batteries, which pose an extreme health risk if swallowed by children. It’s also way more convenient to charge with the included USB-C cable.


Rechargeable battery

Works with Apple Find My app

500-foot range


Weird notification permissions in Pebblebee app

Smart home integration is difficult to set up

Bulkier than most trackers

You can expect the battery to last up to six months on a charge. This is shorter than other trackers on our list but less of an issue since you can recharge it anytime. The battery makes the Pebblebee Clip a bit larger than other trackers on our list, though the Tile Pro is still larger.
Pebblebee offers two options for connecting the Clip to your smartphone:

Pebblebee app (iOS and Android)
Apple Find My app (iOS only)

With the Pebblebee app, you’ll unlock smart home integrations and Pebblebee network access. While connecting Pebblebee to Alexa wasn’t too bad, it didn’t work with Google Assistant. It doesn’t help that Pebblebee has more steps to activate smart home integrations than Tile and Chipolo.
You can link most smart trackers with the Alexa and Google Home apps, but Pebblebee uses a convoluted approach with Alexa Skills and the Google Assistant app. Adding to the confusion is that you must add “ask Pebblebee” to every voice command instead of just saying, “Alexa, buzz my keys.”
The Apple Find My app may not offer much smart home functionality, but the device network is the same one that makes the Apple AirTag so amazing. In this case, the Pebblebee Clip is essentially a rechargeable AirTag with greater range—up to 210 feet in our tests—and a key ring.
Our biggest gripe with the Pebblebee app was how it complained when we hid the persistent notification on Android saying the app was on in the background. (We like an uncluttered notification bar.) Weirdly, it didn’t care when we turned off the general and alert notification categories.
We think Pebblebee Clip is great for Android and a solid alternative to the Apple AirTag. While the app and smart home integrations are quirky, the rechargeable battery earns a lot of goodwill.

Pebblebee CardConsider the Pebblebee Card (about $24) if you want a rechargeable wallet tracker. It offers the same features as the Clip but easily slips into your wallet alongside your credit cards. It even has a longer battery life—up to 12 months.

6. NVQ Key Finder: Best ultra-budget tracker

Best ultra-budget tracker

Beauty HAO Mini Item Finder

View on Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

For around $10, you might not expect much out of the NVQ Key Finder as a Bluetooth tracker. However, this budget-friendly device is a good choice if you want a simple way to track your keys, suitcases, wallet, etc., and have an Apple device. (It does not work with Android.). The Bluetooth key finder is water resistant and has a battery life of 12 months. 


Unbeatable price

24 hour support Water resistant

Water resistant


Doesn’t work with Android

Requires coin batteries

The NVQ Key Finder makes a nice option for keeping track of keys but lacks some of the more flashy features of more expensive options. Ultimately, we think Nutale is a better budget tracker for most folks.

More Bluetooth trackers we considered

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+
The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ (about $28) looks to copy Apple AirTag’s success with UWB technology. Unfortunately, its exclusivity to Samsung Galaxy phones prevents us from testing it. The Samsung SmartTag2+ shows great potential, but Tile’s wider compatibility makes it a better pick.

Atuvos (about $18) is a budget AirTag alternative that works with the Find My app—it even attaches to a key ring without an accessory. But considering the Apple AirTag isn’t all that expensive, you won’t see much savings unless you need a ton of Bluetooth trackers on the cheap.

Cube Shadow

We like the Cube Shadow (about $36) for its rechargeable battery and slim design that fits inside your wallet. But a lot has changed with Bluetooth trackers since this Cube tracker’s launch in 2018. The Tile Slim and Pebblebee Card are simply better wallet tracker options.

Final word
The Tile Pro (2022) is perfect for basic item tracking for most people. It offers excellent wireless range and a loud speaker that you can easily customize with various ringtones. But if you’re an Apple user and want the largest device network, the Apple AirTag is a no-brainer.
If you want reliable long-range tracking, you should consider getting a full-blown GPS tracker instead of a Bluetooth tracker.


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What’s the difference between a Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker?

Bluetooth and GPS are two types of wireless signals with different strengths and weaknesses:Bluetooth uses a short-range signal that can travel up to 500 feet in ideal conditions—it requires a compatible device nearby to work.Compared to GPS, Bluetooth trackers are usually smaller, more affordable, and don’t require a subscription to enable tracking. Long battery life—often a year or more—makes Bluetooth trackers excellent for finding stationary objects like keys and bags.GPS uses a long-range signal that connects to a satellite network. You’ll pay a small subscription fee for the GPS tracker to connect to a mobile network to transmit location data to your phone.Compared to Bluetooth, GPS trackers offer greater accuracy and are better for live tracking of moving subjects like pets, vehicles, and people. The batteries on GPS trackers last up to 20 days, depending on the brand.

Can Bluetooth track a car?

Bluetooth’s short range makes it a poor choice for tracking vehicles, especially ones in motion. GPS is a better option because it uses a satellite connection. We recommend a GPS vehicle tracker if you want to track cars you own. For other vehicles, you should always ask the owner for permission.

How far can a Bluetooth tracker track?

The Bluetooth trackers we tested typically dropped their connection from 100 to 290 feet away outdoors with no obstructions, with most models working at least 200 feet away. You can expect around half that range indoors, though it’s not an issue in most homes.Here are the results from our line-of-sight tests in a parking lot with no obstructions—your experience may vary:Tile Pro: Signal lost around 290 ft.73% of 400-foot rangeNutale Key Finder: Signal lost around 280 ft.170% of 164-foot rangeChipolo One: Signal lost around 230 ft.115% of 200-foot. rangePebblebee Clip: Signal lost around 210 ft.42% of 500-foot rangeBeauty HAO Mini Item Finder: Signal lost at 100 ft.60% of 164-foot range

What is the smallest Bluetooth tracking device?

The Apple AirTag is the smallest Bluetooth tracker we tested. It’s roughly 1.3 inches in diameter and 0.3 inches thick. Most other trackers we tested are about 1.5 inches wide and about the same thickness as the AirTag.Thin wallet trackers—about 0.1 inches thick—are available but are about as wide as a credit card.

How accurate are Bluetooth trackers?

In our tests, trackers showed accurate locations on the map, though exact locations depend on the connected phone’s GPS accuracy. This is why tracker apps ask to enable precise location permissions.Some trackers, like Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+, use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for precision finding, which can help you pinpoint the general direction with an in-app compass.Other tags, like Tile, Chipolo, Pebblebee, and Nutale, show a proximity dialog in their mobile apps to tell you roughly how close the device is.As long as you get close enough to establish a connection—usually 100 feet or so—you can activate the item tracker’s built-in ringtone to hear where it is.Problems arise when the device leaves its last known location before you arrive. At this point, you’re wholly dependent on the device network connecting to your tracker in the future. This is why the billions of Apple Find My network devices are so powerful. Your tracker has an excellent chance of connecting to another compatible device in populated areas.

How we reviewed the best Bluetooth trackers

Photo: John Carlsen, SafeWise. 

We researched and considered 13 Bluetooth trackers for this review before narrowing our list to five: Tile, Chipolo, Pebblebee, Nutale, and NVQ Key Finder. We chose these products because they work with all Android smartphones—sorry, Samsung. We didn’t test the Apple AirTag for Android-related reasons but have tried it previously for our Apple AirTag review.

For our testing, we looked at each Bluetooth tracker’s mobile app for unique features and evaluated the overall user experience. Next, we tested the loudness of each tracker to find out if it was easy to hear in an average home setting. Lastly, we conducted field testing to see if a device’s wireless range matches the manufacturer’s specs.
You can learn more about how we review, rank, and test products in our full methodology.

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. utilizes paid Amazon links.Certain content that appears on this site comes from Amazon. This content is provided “as is” and is subject to change or removal at any time.†Google, Google Nest, Google Assistant, and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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