When AIs Start Hacking

If you don’t have enough to worry about already, consider a world where AIs are hackers. Hacking is as old as humanity. We are creative problem solvers. We exploit loopholes, manipulate systems, and strive for more influence, power, and wealth. To date, hacking has exclusively been a human activity. Not for long. As I lay… Continue reading When AIs Start Hacking

Experian’s Credit Freeze Security is Still a Joke

In 2017, KrebsOnSecurity showed how easy it is for identity thieves to undo a consumer’s request to freeze their credit file at Experian, one of the big three consumer credit bureaus in the United States.  Last week, KrebsOnSecurity heard from a reader who had his freeze thawed without authorization through Experian’s website, and it reminded… Continue reading Experian’s Credit Freeze Security is Still a Joke

Halloween Security Tips

For many people, Halloween is a time for fun. For kids it is a time to wear costumes of their favorite cartoon character, superhero, or just about anything that may percolate from their imaginations. At night it is also a time for them to go trick-or-treating for candy. For adults, Halloween is also a fun… Continue reading Halloween Security Tips

6 Steps for Victim Service Providers to Help Victims of Mortgage Fraud

Victim service providers are on the front lines in combatting mortgage fraud. Young people, seniors, first time home buyers – no one is immune. Mortgage fraud targets victims of all ages. The National Crime Prevention Council has a full complement of concrete resources to help you help victims of mortgage fraud. If you are an… Continue reading 6 Steps for Victim Service Providers to Help Victims of Mortgage Fraud

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Torturing Animals

Torturing Dogs There is very little if anything that pisses me off more than people torturing or abusing animals. Of course it’s terrible when people abuse other people, whether on an individual basis or on a societal level…war, genocide, etc..  But at least people have the ability or potential to flee, speak up, or fight… Continue reading Torturing Animals